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HB Films is committed to the highest standards of safe shooting
The intention of HB was to strip away nonsense and fluff so that what’s left are the things that actually matter: the quality of our creative output and the strength of our relationships."
– John Beveridge

Boutique production company HB was formed in 2016 when award-winning directors Mark and Matt Hoffman and producer John Beveridge sat at a bar in Baltimore, looked each other squarely in the eyes, and asked a simple question: what would happen if we started our own production company and made all the same decisions we make on our productions but made them as our own company that controlled our own productions?

The answer to that question has taken HB around the world, sparking collaborations with elite agencies and creative teams and resulting in a body of work for leading brands such as Nike, Gatorade, Columbia, Toyota, Barilla, Nivea, NBA, NBC Sports, Snapchat, ESPN and the new work and relationships just keep growing.

Since forming, HB has devoted itself to a truly boutique production company platform with the nimble ability to work at both massive and intimate scale. Very recently HB has decided to grow their platform to include other like-minded directing voices with a passionate focus on discovering and fostering young and diverse talent.