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Bennett Johnson

Bennett Johnson is a multi-award winning director who was born in London to American parents (which explains the unshakable transatlantic accent). His work draws from both American and European sensibilities: A British sense of humor and respect for tradition, and a Yankee work ethic and belief in disrupting the status quo.

Bennett’s work is an orchestrated dance of opposing forces. Dark and whimsical. Planned but without pretense. Majestic and Considered and always with a twist of the unexpected in his craft. This is reflective in his path to directing as well which had Bennett dipping his toes in acting, painting, working in politics, investment banking and coding. This diverse background arms Bennett with a poise to approach ideas in a myriad of different ways, and it also allows him

I love taking what could seem like silly ideas very seriously. Then I like giving them names and words, and eventually wrapping them in images and sounds with a team of very smart people.’
Bennett Johnson Bennett Johnson
Bennett Johnson

to be incredibly generous with his collaboration while staying laser focused on his vision all the way through post and especially in regards to music and sound design.

‘I really like the feeling when every part of a film - from blocking, to camera-moves, to visual effects, and even dance itself - is being conscientiously tied together.  There’s something very musical about it: I’m always looking for the conceptual story, or visual rhythm to choreograph.  Consequently, it always makes approaching music and sound feel like a seamless part of the process - it’s just another way to creatively carve out what’s already there.’

When not directing you can find Bennett enjoying house music, surfing, reading pop-psychology, participating in renewable energy and electric transportation, and watching Saracens - his favorite rugby team from North-West London.